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27. 5. 1942 - Assassination of R. Heydrich

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6576)

List of witnesses

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Bohuslav Fabián (1923)

born on 3 February 1923 in Bořeňovice graduated from high school on May 27th 1942, the day of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich sent to forced labor in Germany, worked with the train post survived the bombing of post trains and several German cities ... arrows 

Ivo Feierabend (1927) video clip available

born March 2, 1927 in Prague comes from the family of an agrarian proponent and politician during the Second Republic and the Protectorate his father served in the government, then emigrated, and the family was persecuted studied law at Charles University ... arrows 

Vladimír Feierabend (1924) video clip available

Born on 7 July 1924 in Prague Studied at the teachers' institute, then grammar school 1 July, 1942 - the entire family and relatives arrested during the Operation E (Emigranten) 1 July, 1942 – 29 April, 1945 - small fortress in Theresienstadt, concentration ... arrows 

Vladimír Fejfar (1930)

born November 24, 1930 in Lázně Bělohrad studied trade academy in Hořice October 1951 drafted to the compulsory military service assigned to work in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions worked in coal mines in Ostrava in 1968 signed a petition protesting ... arrows 

Jiří Felix (1931)

Born on February 21, 1931 Witnessed ethnic hatred between children in Most (German children throwing stones at Czech school kids) Family stories about German violence on Czech police officers After the Munich Treaty, at seven years old, he and his mother were ... arrows 

Anna Fidlerová (1919 - 2016)

born 1919 in Hospozín before the war, moved to Prague a member of the Prague culture group Young Culture after school, worked for Hugo Vavřečka, the grandfather of Václav Havel memories of the tense atmosphere of the Heidrich Retaliations memories of the ... arrows 

Ludmila Fousová (1929)

born 16 November 1929 in Příbram – Březové Hory girls’ elementary school in Dlouhá Street, Příbram attended a classical grammar school in Příbram witnessed the arrest of her headmaster Josef Lukeš by the Gestapo experienced the war and the German occupation ... arrows 

Karel Franta (1928)

Working-class origin Skilled as a graphic draftsman in Melantrich, at the same time he studied the secondary school of graphics. 1949 - Franta enters AVU 1954 - military service 1956 - a freelancing painter ... arrows 

Miloš Fric (1937)

born on 11 December, 1937 in Prague during Heydrichiade his street neighbours were arrested and shot In April 1945 he observed an emergency landing of Allies aircraft and got chewing gums from the pilot called Grifin in 2015 he met the son of the pilot Grifin ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Josef Fronc (1920)

Born on 26 August, 1920, in Černouček near Roudnice nad Labem Studied at a music school in Prague 1941-1944 - government troops, 8th battalion May 1944 – transfer with the government troops to Turin, Italy Escape from the government troops to France 13 ... arrows 



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