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27. 5. 1942 - Assassination of R. Heydrich

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6529)

List of witnesses

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Lubor Šušlík (1928) video clip available

born 1928 in Most his father was an officer and a former legionnaire from Russia boy scout, nickname Bill during the war founded the club Prague Five under the Czech Tourist Club conscripted to Todt organization, digging trenches in the Hlučín region april ... arrows 

Adolf Švadlenka (1929)

born March 21, 1929 in Blížňovice studied a secondary technical school, worked as a design engineer son of Adolf Švadlenka who was an important co-worker of the paratrooper group SILVER A and a prominent figure in the resistance movement in the Pardubice region ... arrows 

Jaroslav Teplý (1923)

born on 27 April 1923 in the village of Křižánky learned to produce files as Křižánky were known for this craft in 1942 sent to forced labor in Jihlava to file production since 1952 worked on establishing a branch of Tona Jihlava company in Havlíčkův Brod in ... arrows 

Pavel Tučný (1925)

he was born in Prague on 28 April 1925 he was a member of the Scouts and Sokol between WWI and WWII he studied at grammar school in Křemencova Street he was forced to work for Luftschutz from 1944 he was a member of the Intelligence Brigade he participated ... arrows 

Doc. PhDr., CSc. Vítězslav Vaculík (1930) video clip available

born May 7, 1930 in Nový Jičín the family owned a wholesale business with fruits and vegetables and three shops in the town his sister Vilma was in a relationship with Jan Kubiš (assassination of Heydrich) the family had to move out of the German-occupied Nový ... arrows 

Jana Vávrová, rozená Nitková (1941)

born June 21, 1941 to Mr. and Mrs. Nitka her parents were executed in the Mauthausen concentration camp for their activity in the resistance movement during the terror following Heydrich´s assassination infants hospital in Prague-Krč found by her aunt since ... arrows 

Ing. Jaroslav Vesecký (1926) video clip available

born July 14, 1926 in Slatinské Doly in Carpathian Ruthenia from 1939 studied at the military grammar schools in Moravská Třebová and in Hranice cooperating with the resistance group Bartoš during WWII studied the College of Agriculture and Forestry after ... arrows 

Olga Vobrubová (1942)

was born on 21st November 1942 in Prague her father and her uncle were scouts, her uncle, Mr. Karel Störzer, was imprisoned by Nazis in concentration camps, Mrs Vobrubová ownes his memoirs she tells two stories, which happened to her parents during the War, after ... arrows 

Ing. Jaroslav Vondra (1933)

born in his father’s second marriage his mother’s family was involved in the resistance movement death of his father in 1944 learnt the clockmaker’s trade, study at the secondary technical school study at ČVUT pressed to leave the church employed in the ... arrows 

Alena Voštová (1939)

Born on March 17, 1939 in Prague Her father died in the course of the mobilization Her mother Anna Malinová (1914–1942) helped the paratrooper Jozef Gabčík She was taken to her grandparents who lived in the Nalžovské hory Mountains by her mother Anna June ... arrows 



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