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27. 5. 1942 - Assassination of R. Heydrich

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6300)

List of witnesses

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Colonel (ret.) Vladimír Maděra (1917)

born on March 19th 1917 in Velehrad village in Uherske Hradiste region after the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Hitler’s Germany he joined the resistance organization called Defending the Nation left the country in 1940, went to France via Syria where exile ... arrows 

Vlasta Macháčková (1922)

born 31 May 1922 in Vlkoš 1937, death of her sister Milena 1939, emigration of her brother Karel interrogated by the Gestapo return of her brother Karel second emigration of Karel marked as a danger to the socialistic education of youth under State ... arrows 

Rudolf Malec (1924)

born 25 February 1924 eminent neurosurgeon from Hradec Králové 1945, began studying at the newly founded Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové from 1952, employed at the local university hospital from 1986, clinic director took part in innovating surgical ... arrows 

Miroslav Mareček (1932) video clip available

born June 16, 1932 in Mochov his father Alois Mareček was a social democrat before the war, worked as a fitter in the local sugar refinery his father was arrested on June 9, 1942 during the terror following Heydrich’s assassination and executed on June 19 for ... arrows 

Miroslav Maruška (1923 - 2010)

born on April 23, 1923 in Prague involved in resistance activity in Prague during his study at the trade academy (anti-Nazi pamphlets, help for the families of those who were arrested) arrested by the Gestapo before his graduation in autumn 1941 imprisoned in ... arrows 

Erna Meissnerová (1921)

born in Prague as an only child to Olga and Emil Fischman, spent her childhood in Golčův Jeníkov lived in Kolín since 1937, her parents ran a general store the whole family was transported to the Terezín concentration camp in 1942 because of their Jewish origin ... arrows 

Eva Merclová (1931)

Born on 6 July, 1931, in the family of František and Milada Hejl Her father was a leader of the Scout district Barak In the Scout he met his future wife and the mother of his daughters Eva and Hanka 1939 - arrest of the Scout leaders Scout resistance group ... arrows 

Ida Milotová, roz. Roučková (1928) video clip available

Née Roučková Born in 1928 in Karlovy Vary Studied a classical grammar school in Pilsen Husband Zdeněk Milota - involved in the local resistance movement during World War II, then a professional soldier In March 1953 arrested together with her husband and her ... arrows 

Jiří Minařík (1938 - 2012) video clip available

born in 1938 in Prague-Holešovice his father was interned in a labour camp in Jírovice-Bystřice in the Benešov region during the war, his grandmother was of Jewish origin and she died in the ghetto in Terezín, his uncle with family perished in Auschwitz had an ... arrows 

Jaroslava Mokrá, roz. Smržová (1930)

born on 9 November 1930 to Jarmila and Jaroslav Smrž had a younger brother Vladimír her parents were active in the Sokol club and took part in the resistance on 14 June 1942 her parents were arrested by the Gestapo for taking part in the assassination of ... arrows 



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