Příběhy 20. století
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24. 11. 1941 - The first transport to the Theresienstadt

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The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (5513)

List of witnesses

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Jiří Beránek (1935) video clip available

born on 3 April 1935 in Trávčice near Terezín witnessed local events related to the operation of the Terezín ghetto trained to work in the Rudý Letov company became a mechanist and an expert on airplane repairs in Aero Vodochody declined an offer to join the ... arrows 

Miloš Dobrý (1923 - 2012) video clip available

Expelled from school in 1939 In November 1941 he has been designated by the first transport to Theresienstadt concentration camp (AK I - Construction Commando) In 1942 sent to Theresienstadt with his parents and brother In December 1943 he went to Auschwitz, ... arrows 

Hana Drori roz. Pollak (1931)

born on 4 November 1931 in Prague into a Jewish family following parents’ divorce grew up at her father’s family farm in Olbramovice in 1939 the farm was confiscated and she moved to Prague in December 1941 father was sent to Terezín; Hana followed him in ... arrows 

Helga Hošková-Weissová (1929)

born November 10, 1929 in Prague her and her parents were deported to the Terezín ghetto where she created her famous set of drawings depicting life in Terezín, known as Draw What You See October 1944 transported to Auschwitz, from there to Freiberg to work in an ... arrows 

Prof. RnDr., DrSc Helena Illnerová (1937)

1937 – born in Prague 1965 – established the tourist troop “Sluníčka” 1966 and 1967 – children Libuše and Jakub 1989 – took part in the Gordon Conference – the scientific elite 1969 – spent a year in New York with her family 1989 – was involved in the ... arrows 

Mgr. Ivan Klíma (1931)

born on 14 September 1931 in Prague transported to the Terezín ghetto on 1 December 1941 where he stayed until May 1945 joined the Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1953 criticized the socialist censorship at the 1967 Writers‘ Congress was temporarily expelled ... arrows 

Felix Kolmer (1922)

Born on May 3, 1922, in Prague to a family of an Italian legionnaire and tradesman with electrotechnics. Eager to be a scout all his life. November 24, 1941, as a member of Aufbaukommando, transported to Terezín, working on the building of the ghetto. Witnessed ... arrows 

Marta Kottová (1929)

born February 22nd 1929 in Černovice u Tábora living in Prague since she was three, an avid Girl Scout June 1942 deported with her parents to Terezín October 6th, 1944 arrived to Auschwitz where both her parents died before Christmas of the same year got to ... arrows 

Dita Krausová (1929)

born on 12 July 1929 in Prague into an assimilated Jewish family her father was a lawyer, her mother a housewife expelled from school on racial grounds in 1940 on 20 November 1942 she and her parents were forced to move to the Terezín ghetto lived in ... arrows 

Anna Lorencová (1927)

born on 13 March 1927 in Most (née Weinsteinová) in 1938 the family left Most for Prague from 1941 to 1945 she was imprisoned in Terezín concentration camp entered the Communist Party, was expelled in 1950s after graduating in sociology, she took a job at the ... arrows 



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