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17. 11. 1989 - Demonstration at Národní třída

Related epochs

The Eighties - 1980 - 1989 (944)

List of witnesses

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Jan Bubeník (1968)

Born on April 4, 1968 Studied at the Faculty of medicine of the Charles University After November 17, he became one of the student leaders December 28, 1989 – he became the youngest member of the federal assembly After the first free elections in 1990, he ... arrows 

Miroslav Kamil Černý (1950)

he was born on the 16th of November, 1950, in Prague he studied in a specialized school and evening high school he attended his first demonstration against the communist regime when he was 19 years old, and he was arrested and beaten by the police he got ... arrows 

Karel Dolista (1921 - 2016)

born on 9 September 1921 in Kovářov from 1942 to 1943 assigned to forced labor in Magdeburg after WWII graduated from Charles University with a degree in history in February 1948 participated in the student march towards the Prague Castle after graduation ... arrows 

Rudolf Felzmann (1941)

born October 5, 1941 in Liberec graduated from the pedagogical school for elementary school teachers in 1959–1962 taught in schools in the Liberec district in 1966–1979 distance-study at the Pedagogical Faculty in Ústí nad Labem involved in amateur theatre ... arrows 

Olga Fialová (1927)

born February 9th, 1927 in Prague her father Martin Rais, a member of the Petition Committee Faithful We Remain, was imprisoned in Germany from 1942 to 1945 after the war, her father was vice chairman of the Settlement Bureau, and he organised the official ... arrows 

Professor, PhDr. Marek Franěk (1956)

born 27 June 1956 into a family of researchers in Prague became a Catholic, took an interest in sacred music studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts in Prague military service, took part in Operation Krkonoše 1980 worked as a researcher at the Czechoslovak ... arrows 

Stanislav Gazdík (1970)

born in 1970 in Karviná, his father was a miner 1989-1991 - compulsory army service May 1991 – joined the French Foreign Legion 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2.REP) 1994-2003 – member of the special unit of the 2nd regiment – CRAP (GCP) missions to Africa ... arrows 

Kurt Gebauer (1941)

born on 18 August 1941 in Hradec nad Moravicí during the war his father - a Bohemian German – was drafted to the Wehrmacht and in early 1942 died under unknown circumstancess grew up in very modest conditions ever since childhood was interested in visual arts; ... arrows 

Professor Zdeněk Jičínský (1929)

born on 26 February, 1929 in Ostřešany near Pardubice attended gymnasium in 1948 started the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in 1948 entered the communist party in 1954–1964 taught at the high school of the central committee of the communist party in ... arrows 

David Kabzan (1969)

born on 9 October 1969 in Krnov his mother publicly disagreed with the communist regime in 1984 he started attending a boarding school in Prague, studying exotic animal breeding since mind-1980s he was part of the dissident movement was arrested and ... arrows 



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