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Death marches 1944-1945

List of witnesses

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Věra Idan (1926)

born on 20 April 1926 in Košice as Věra Rosenzweigová Jewish family of a wood salesman 1936 moved to Ostrava 1939 Alijat ha-noar school in Prague, later in Ostrava October 1939 father deported to Nisko camp; died in 1943 September 1942 Věra with mother and ... arrows 

Pavel Kohn (1929 - 2017)

born October 14, 1929 in Prague the family was transported to Terezín in 1942 a year later they had to go to the family camp in Auschwitz, their father had meanwhile died in Terezín in 1944 passed through the selection process in Auschwitz and he was taken to ... arrows 

Agneša Krahulcová - Herzová (1922)

born on August 4th, 1922 in the Spiš region in a Hungarian and German Jewish family graduated at a Slovak secondary grammar school in 1940 family forced to emigrate to Budapest winter 1944, deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp April 30th, 1945, ... arrows 

Petr Rössler (1930)

Born in 1930 into a Jewish family in Prague October 1941 - deported with his family to the Lodz ghetto Parents died after few months in the ghetto August 1944 - deported to Auschwitz with his brother Deported to the labor camp Kaufering April 1945 - a death ... arrows 

Marta Szilárdová (1923)

born in 1923 1939 – Hungarians took over Levice 1944 – deportation of the family to Auschwitz 1945 – death march in Germany and returning to Levice life in Czechoslovakia, moving to Nitra recently she lives in Ohel David senior house ... arrows 



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