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31. 12. 1992 Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

List of witnesses

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Jitka Bůžková (1928)

born on 2nd January, 1928 in Beranův Mlýn in the region of Czech Krumlov. attended gymnasium in Czech Budweiser apprenticed as a gardener in Prague married Stanislav Bůžek, so called gulag from Chlumeček in 1949–1955 was together with her husband under ... arrows 

Martin Hagara (1934)

born on September 17, 1934, grew up in the city of Nováky since his early childhood he inclined towards the ideas of Scouting after the communist takeover, together with his friends he founded an illegal branch of Scouting in Nováky named “Zlatý Orol” (Golden ... arrows 

Kamil Haťapka (1932)

born on March 3, 1932 in Spišská Nová Ves graduated from Technical Secondary School of Exact Mechanics and Optics in Přerov pursued cycling since the age of 15 in 1961 he founded a Czechoslovak cycling club Inter Slovnaft Bratislava as a coach of the ... arrows 

RNDr. Čestmír Hofhanzl (1941)

born October 9, 1941 in Borovany his father was marked as a kulak and interned in a labour camp study at the Secondary School of Agriculture in Tábor employed in the Central Test and Inspection Centre for Agriculture one-year study at the Agricultural College ... arrows 

Mgr. Naďa Köhlerová (1944)

born on 2 September 1944 in Žilina to Věra Šaradinová, a Jew who had been in hiding in a cellar since 1942 after her birth, her mother was hiding with her in the mountains and later in a cellar in Žilina she only learned about her Jewish origin and about her ... arrows 

PhDr. Štefan Kováč (1940)

born on August 14, 1940 in Lučenec graduation in 1957 at the Military School of Ján Žižka in Bratislava 1960 – 1964 studied physics and chemistry at the Institute of Education in Banská Bystrica 1966 – 1972 external study at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius ... arrows 

Marta Lihotská, rod. Kobelová (1933)

born on July 4, 1933, spent her childhood in Prievidza comes from a Christian family, in 1950 her brother Rudolf Kobela emigrated abroad and became a priest she became a member of the secret religious group “Handmaids of the Mother of God” after the group as ... arrows 

PhDr., CSc. Helena Nosková (1949)

Born on 4th November, 1949 in Prague in Czech and Slovak family The father, Ondrej Berta, was a lawyer and came from Ťahanovce near Košice He refused to work as a prosecutor and participated in political processes, so the family had to get displaced Left to ... arrows 

Jaromír Piskoř (1962)

Jaromír Piskoř s born on 11 August, 1962 in Opava parent originally from Hlučínsko in August 1968 witnessed the occupation of Opava by the Polish People´s Republic in 1977 - 1981 studied the Secondary School of Agriculture in Opava during military service in ... arrows 

Ing. Radomil Vyoral (1960) video clip available

born on September 23, 1960 in the then Gottwaldov (present-day Zlín) printing samizdat in a basement workshop since 1985 StB has never found out about his activity worked for the Security Information Service (BIS) from 1990 until 2004 in 2017 living in ... arrows 



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