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31. 12. 1992 Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

List of witnesses

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RNDr. Čestmír Hofhanzl (1941)

born October 9, 1941 in Borovany his father was marked as a kulak and interned in a labour camp study at the Secondary School of Agriculture in Tábor employed in the Central Test and Inspection Centre for Agriculture one-year study at the Agricultural College ... arrows 

Michael Kocáb (1954)

28 July 1954 born in Prague 1973 graduated from grammar school in Mladá Boleslav 1977 founded the band Pražský výběr 1979 graduated from the Prague Conservatory in composition and organ play spring 1989 along with Michal Horáček established the Most ... arrows 

PhDr., CSc. Helena Nosková (1949)

Born on 4th November, 1949 in Prague in Czech and Slovak family The father, Ondrej Berta, was a lawyer and came from Ťahanovce near Košice He refused to work as a prosecutor and participated in political processes, so the family had to get displaced Left to ... arrows 

Jaromír Piskoř (1962)

Jaromír Piskoř s born on 11 August, 1962 in Opava parent originally from Hlučínsko in August 1968 witnessed the occupation of Opava by the Polish People´s Republic in 1977 - 1981 studied the Secondary School of Agriculture in Opava during military service in ... arrows 



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