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26 April 1986 - Chernobyl disaster

List of witnesses

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Mgr. Jelena Jarmoljuková, roz. Podhájská (1955)

Born on 5 March, 1955 in Zdolbunov (Rivnen region) in the former Soviet Union Comes from a mixed Czech-Belorussian marriage Until the age of seven lived in Hlinsk, then moved to Zdolbunov Worked in Zdolbunov as a math teacher Currently she still lives in ... arrows 

Luděk Svoboda (1933)

Born on May 13, 1933 in Prague In 1951 passed final exams at the School of booksellers and publishers in Prague Started as an assistant worker in Kladno ironworks to avoid communists action „77 thousands into production“ In 1952 started in secondhand bookshop ... arrows 

Bohdan Ševčuk (1950) video clip available

born on 22nd June 1950 in Tarasiv, Soviet Union’s Ukraine his mother is a Czech from Volhynia lived in the Soviet Union for forty years worked as a bus driver in Mlynov, Ukraine moved to Moravia in 1997 lives in Maršíkov as of 2017 ... arrows 

Rostislav Zapletal (1961) video clip available

born 3 October 1961 in Šumperk a “dandy” (long-haird subculture) activist at the Society of Friends of the USA (SPUSA) copied out and distributed samizdat signed the Several Sentences petition 2014, awarded the Certificate of Resistance against Communism ... arrows 



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