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25. 1. 1969 Jan Palach´s funeral

List of witnesses

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Erika Bezdíčková (1931)

born September 26, 1931 in Žilina in a middle class Jewish family the family was arrested by Hlinka’s Guards after neighbours informed upon them in October 1944 deported to Auschwitz by the next-to-last transport her father and mother killed in Auschwitz ... arrows 

František Bloudek (1947)

born on 4 September 1947 in Otvice in 1967 was admitted to the University of Agriculture in Prague had to suspend his studies following the death of his father, return home and take care of his younger brother was only able to resume his studies seven years ... arrows 

academic painter Miloslav Čelakovský (1937)

born 16 April 1937 in Pilsen his grandfather’s lineage barred him from studying at university after secondary school, worked at a brick plant and as a miner 1957-1959, studied at the University of Pedagogics in Prague teacher at a nine-year primary school in ... arrows 

Karel Hádek (1946)

born on the 13th of December 1946 in Semily studied analytical chemistry worked in the Trutnov research institute (single crystal analytical laboratory) active as a photographer founded a youth club in Semily – spring 1968 sentenced to three and a half ... arrows 

PhDr. Vladimíra Hradecká (1949)

Born on 1st April, 1949 in Ústí nad Labem In 1967–1972 studied archiving and auxiliary historical sciences at FF UK in Prague In 1972 married for the first time (and got divorced 4 years later) Since 1977 until 1986 worked in SOA in Prague In 1977 met Jan ... arrows 

Mgr. Pavel Klinecký (1954)

born December 26, 1954 in Prague-Strašnice 1971–1974 study at the secondary technical school 1975–1981 study at the Comenius Evangelical Faculty of Theology 1977 married actress Milena Sítová 1981–1983 alternative military service in the ČKD company ... arrows 

Professor MUDr., DrSc. Josef Koutecký (1930)

born on 31st August, 1930 in Prague, Karlov 1955 – graduated at the Faculty of general medicine of the Charles University 1957 – began working at the Clinic of Paediatrics of the Paediatric Faculty, the Charles University in Prague 1964 – specialised in child ... arrows 

Josef Kovalčuk (1948)

born on 5 August 1948 in Trutnov graduated from history and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, Palacký University in Olomouc later, studied at the Theatre Academy in Prague co-founded the theatre association HaDivadlo used theater to voice discontent ... arrows 

Kamila Moučková (1928)

born on 8 April 1928 in Jihlava, was raised by grandparents 1939 her father left for Great Britaion 1940 was interrogated because of her father 1942 – 1945 her mother was imprisoned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp 1946 her parents got divorced 1948 ... arrows 

František Srovnal (1947) video clip available

born 1947 in Bludov graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague graduated from the Theological Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc during normalisation, one of the organisers of home seminars in the Zábřeh district November 1989, attended the ... arrows 



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