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20. 12. 1944 - 25. 4. 1945 Bombing of Pilsen

List of witnesses

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academic painter Miloslav Čelakovský (1937)

born 16 April 1937 in Pilsen his grandfather’s lineage barred him from studying at university after secondary school, worked at a brick plant and as a miner 1957-1959, studied at the University of Pedagogics in Prague teacher at a nine-year primary school in ... arrows 

Blahoslav Havránek (1933 - 2017)

born 28 January 1933 in the village of Svatá, Beroun District remembers life in Svatá during World War II remembers the family of Sokol co-founder Josef Sheiner his uncle Karel stood up for German farmers against the Revolutionary Guards at the end of the war ... arrows 

Ing. Zdeněk Hříbal (1926) video clip available

born on 17 May 1926 in Prague attended a business school in Prague from 1941 till 1945 in September 1944 he was sent to forced labor into the Walter factory in Jinonice from January till April 1945 he served as a messenger, doing both domestic and international ... arrows 

Georg Kebrle (1938) video clip available

born as Jiří Kebrle on November 19, 1938 in Pilsen his father František Kebrle – official of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party, arrested in 1949 and sentenced to twelve years of jail with increased supervision based on Act No. 231/1948 Coll., interned in the ... arrows 

Vilém Lederer (1942)

born 27 October 1942 in Pilsen into a mixed Jewish-Christian family from 1943, disguised as a girl to avoid deportation 1943, his father was sent to Brdy and then to Lípa near Havlíčkův Brod 1951, family shop nationalised by the Communists 1959, completed ... arrows 

Ladislav Nocar (1929 - 2016)

Born on 25 July, 1929 in Nýřany scouting in Nýřany and Tlučná, three renewals of Junák Life during war and liberation by the American army Demonstration on 25 February, 1948 in Pilsen, arrestment Escape to Germany with a scouting leader, Karel Bek Refugee ... arrows 

Renata Plášilová (1928)

Born on 19th February, 1928 in Luby Father could not get a job, family often moved around During WW2 studied at so called German Pedagogical Institute in Prague Due to father´s qualification the family didn’t have to get displaced after war Spoke no Czech so ... arrows 

Hanuš Salz (1922) video clip available

born 22 February 1922 in Pilsen his father Heřman Salz worked as a sales manager; as a Jew, he was imprisoned in the Terezín ghetto from September 1944 to May 1945 attended grammar school in Pilsen and Sušice, completed a post-secondary education course at a ... arrows 

Bohuslav Strejc (1928)

born 30 April 1928 in Pilsen from 1939, upper primary school 1942, the school was closed by the Germans 1942-1943, afternoon classes instead of school 14 February 1945, witnessed the bombing of Pilsen 17 March 1945, forced labour in Těšín 22 April 1945, ... arrows 

Otto Šplíchal (1929)

born 4 October 1929 in Pilsen witnessed the arrival of Germans in Pilsen, Jewish transports, several air raids aged 14, began studying at the Baťa School in Zlín, then attended a business academy met his future wife when studying economics in Prague; they ... arrows 



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