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1951 - creation of the restricted border area along the Czechoslovakian border with Western Germany and Austria

List of witnesses

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Colonel (ret.) Václav Bednář (1938)

Born in 1938 in Třebíč His father, Václav Bednář, joined the communist party in 1945 and was an active functionary for many years In 1953 - 1954 studied at the School of Lieutenant Youth in Olomouc, and in 1954–1956 in Kremnice In 1959 - 1966 was a lieutenant ... arrows 

Josef Borsik (1940)

the end of 19th century, his parents moved to Butin in the Romanian Banat 31st October 1940 was born in Jamu Mare, the Romanian Banát August 1949 his family moved to Aš in Czechoslovakia worked manually, also in uranium mines 1975 became a director of the Aš ... arrows 

Josef Cejpek (1944)

born in 1944 in Boňov near Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou 1945, parents among those resettling the border region, Leštnice near Slavonice 1951, forbidden border zone, family forced to depart the witness’s family started a new life in Slavonice, which was originally ... arrows 

František Dušek (1955)

born 1955 in Maříž into the family of a Border Guard primary school in Slavonice, vocational training completed university studies employed at the Office of the Chief Border Commissioner - responsible for safety and security on the state border with Austria ... arrows 

Růžena Grubrová (1934)

born September 1, 1934 in Churáňov her father was arrested during the war and sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment in May 1945 their family guesthouse provided accommodation for American soldiers loss of the family business after February 1948, pressured to ... arrows 

Ondřej Hoffmann

born June 6, 1926 in Mrákov in the Domažlice region at the end of the war forced to serve in the Technische Nothilfe units in Prague and Kladno in spring 1945 witnessed the liberation of his native region by the American army and the retreat of Germans after ... arrows 

Květa Pěničková (1934)

born 26 March 1934 into the family of glass-blower František Voda in Prague-Velká Chuchle dramatic events during the Prague Revolt, the family fled from Germans after February 1948, Communists nationalised her father’s glass-blowing shop, the witness was ... arrows 

Miroslav Pilík (1937)

born June 5, 1937 study at the secondary technical school in Příbram in 1954 worked in the Bytíz mine for a short time did his basic military service in the Border Guard in Děčín, he stayed in Děčín afterwards became a member of the Communist Party worked ... arrows 

Štefan Ružovič (1934)

he was born on May 6, 1934 in Devínska Nová Ves in 1951 he began his studies at the Secondary School of Chemistry and Technology in Banská Štiavnica with other members he founded an anti-state group named “SOVA” they focused on sabotage actions and helping ... arrows 

Vladimír Stanislav (1958)

born 22 July 1958 in Polička attended a railway school in Liberec, works as a train dispatcher in Hostivice near Prague 1977-1978, served with the Castle Guard, which was a section of the Ministry of the Interior 1978, forced to undertake training for combat ... arrows 



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