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1941 - 1945 - Transports to the concentration camps

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6576)

List of witnesses

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Arpád Tarnóczy (1936) video clip available

he was born in 1936 in Nováky in an aristocratic family he studied at the Roman Catholic public school in Nováky, then continued studying in Prievidza and Šaštín as a nine-year-old boy he secretly delivered papers and some money essential for escape to their ... arrows 

Otto Taussig (1926)

Jewish descent by both parents father arrested during Kristallnacht escape from Ústí nad Labem lived in Prague transported to Terezín transported to Auschwitz chosen for work in Meuselwitz escape from the evacuation transport travelled to Prague ... arrows 

Ing. Miloslav Tesař (1929)

born 1929 in Česká Třebová lived with his parents in the house where an assembly place for Jews was established in 1943 before their deportations to the Terezín ghetto the family was helping their Jewish neighbours – shopping and sending letters 1943 helping ... arrows 

Alena Tichá (1939)

born 23 July 1939 in Prague father Oldřich Zaremba a member of Defence of the Nation in Mladá Boleslav father imprisoned by Nazis for more than four years graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Masaryk University in Brno a teacher for thirty-six ... arrows 

Věra Tomanová (1931)

5th July 1931 born in Náchod 13th December 1943 grandparents deported to Terezín (died in Osvětim in 1944) spring 1944 mother and uncle Karel deported to Hagibor, then Terezín autumn 1944 father sent to camp in Silesia for work autumn 1944 brother Pavel sent ... arrows 

Vlasta Trávníčková (1922)

born on 22 October 1922 in Bavorov grew up in Volary and Lhenice had frequent contact with Germans in the border areas studied a Realschule in Budweis graduated in 1941, took up a job at the post ofice on 1 May 1943 she was transferred to a post office in ... arrows 

Hana Trávová (1925)

born September 10, 1925 in a Jewish family in Bor u Tachova from 1931 growing up in Prague involved in the sports activities in Hagibor, which were led by Fredy Hirsch November 20, 1942 she and her family deported to the Terezín ghetto September - October ... arrows 

Jan Trégl (1916)

born March 7, 1916 in Chlumín studied a junior trading school in Mělník, then worked in several post offices married in 1940 in 1941 arrested for espionage and sent to Terezín released from Terezín after three months and began working in a cooperative from ... arrows 

Irma Trksáková (1917)

A Viennese Slovak Attitude of Czech and Slovak minorities to Czechoslovakia Resistance of Viennese Czechoslovaks against Nazism Conspiracies and sabotages Contact with domestic resistance in Czechoslovakia Contact with communists from the USSR Arrest and ... arrows 

Hana Tvrská (1928) video clip available

Born on April 24, 1928 in South-Bohemia Protivín in a Jewish family On April 18, 1942 left with a transporter Akb to the ghetto in Theresienstadt Placed in Jugendheim L 410 Worked in Theresienstadt walls In December 1943 transported to concentration camp ... arrows 



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