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Ukrainian insurgent movement 1930–1950

List of witnesses

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Viktor Hnízdil (1928) video clip available

birth certificate gives day of birth as 28 February 1928, in České Kneruty, Volhynia, under Polish rule at the time 1940, his father was made head of the kolkhoz witnessed Jewish families fleeing from the ghetto in Ostrožec assigned to a “stripka” unit - ... arrows 

Josef Holý (1933)

born 11 June 1933 in Dubno, Volhynia Soviet (1939-1941) and Nazi (1941-1944) occupation of western Volhynia spring 1944, deported with his parents to Przemyśl 1944-1945, internment camps in Przemyśl, Gdynia and Toruń attended a German school 1945, escaped ... arrows 

Jindřich Hořenín (1933)

Volhynian Czech born October 8, 1933 in Mirohošť arrival of the Red Army, establishment of collective farms (kolkhozes) German occupation, raids by groups of rebels his father died in combat at Dukla 1947 – arrival to Czechoslovakia (repatriation) ... arrows 

Jiřina Jiráková (1926 - 2016)

born to Volhynian Czechs in Zdolbuniv persecution of local Jews by Nazi occupiers of Zdolbuniv violence caused by Banderites throughout the war nurse at the railway hospital in Zdolbuniv joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps military nursing course in ... arrows 

RNDr. Kristina Jojková (1941)

Born in 1941 in a village of Lukové, region Sanok, in south-eastern Poland Parents of Ukraine nationality In 1946 escaped to Slovakia against increasing pressure of the Polish regime Spent a year in Eastern Slovakia with relatives In 1947 escaped to Prague ... arrows 

Antonie Kašparová (1935) video clip available

born on 25th June, 1935 in Zborov upon Volyn in a former Poland as a child spent a majority of her summers in Czech Malin saved four-member Jewish family from Ostrožec in Czech Malíně the Germans killed her parents, eight uncles and aunts and about fourteen ... arrows 

Zdena Machková, roz. Kubíková (1941)

born January 4, 1941 in Michalovka in Volhynia in a Czech family the family was threatened by groups of Ukrainian guerrillas during WWII her father joined Svoboda’s army and started a new family in Czechoslovakia 1947 - Zdena and her mother repatriated to ... arrows 

Vlastimila Plocová, roz. Holcová (1930)

born in 1930 in the Czech village Závidov in Volhynia from 1935 lived in České Noviny experienced the Soviet and German occupation of Volhynia during WWII witnessed the activity of Bandera’s soldiers – UPA units in 1947 re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia ... arrows 

Vladimír Rampas (1924) video clip available

Born on 2 November, 1924 in a village of Ivanovka in Volyne region in a former Poland On 21 March, 1944 joined a newly established 1st Czechoslovak Army Troop Served in a field exploration of the 1st brigade, 2nd battalion Participated in fights in Machnówka, ... arrows 

Maria Soldaťjuková (1935) video clip available

Born on July 29, 1935, in the Ukrainian village of Pohořelice (today Pryvilne) Childhood in Mirohošť in Volhynia Czech ancestors Uncle in the gulag and exile History teacher in the USSR Five years of teaching history in Unhošť in Czechoslovakia Member of ... arrows 



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