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8. 5. 1945 - End of WWII

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6601)

List of witnesses

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Ing. Jan Vaňourek (1936) video clip available

born October 23, 1936 near Zábřeh na Moravě the family had the largest farm in the village at the end of the war, POWs who were chased westwards by the Germans were housed in their barn the family was persecuted by the communist regime during the ... arrows 

Dr. Woody Vasulka (1937)

born January 20, 1937 in Brno childhood in Brno-Slatina near the airport leftist tendencies and orientation at the Soviet Union after the liberation study at the Secondary Technical School in Brno in 1952–1956 study at FAMU in Prague from 1956 befriended ... arrows 

Čestmír Vaško (1935) video clip available

Born in 1935 in the village of Krouna Chairman of the Unified Agricultural Cooperative (JZD) in Dorohostov and Hnátnice Emigrated to West Germany in December, 1970 Worked for the Civilian Labor Group of the US Army in Stuttgart In March, 1978, the military ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Jan Velík (1921 - 2016)

Born on August 2, 1921, in Hodonín 1941 – forced labor in the German town of Malchow Ran away from forced labor Was drafted to the Trnava garrison of the Slovak army on 1 October, 1941 Dispatched to the Soviet Union on 22 June, 1942 Fled from the Slovak ... arrows 

Bohumil Venclík (1924) video clip available

born 13 January 1924 in Tovačov father Bohumil Venclík Sr, chief of Sokol in Tovačov member of Sokol father commanded Section 5 of the resistance group Defence of the Nation family hid the fugitive resistance fighter Rajmund Navrátil witness of Jewish ... arrows 

Karel Veselý (1922 - 2017) video clip available

Born in 1922 in Heřmanův Městec Worked in the armaments works in Choceň Distributed leaflets directed against the Nazis Arrested on April 13, 1942, sentenced to 5 years in prison Imprisoned in Theresienstadt, Bautzen, Berlin, Straubing and Ebrach Survived ... arrows 

Anna Alma Vespalec (1921 - 2013)

born 31 December 1921 in Duisburg conceived a baby at a young age, moved with the newborn to Austria met the Czechoslovak Karel Vespalec; they married after the war, moved to Czechoslovakia avoided deportation of herself and her first son thanks to her ... arrows 

Karel Větrovec (1932)

born June 25, 1932 in Kadov his father was a member of the organization Niva during WWII (a resistance group active in the Strakonice region) witnessed the shooting down of a German airplane near Řesanice in 1945 arrival of the US Army to Kasejovice on May ... arrows 

Lieutenant (ret.) Vjačeslav Viskočil (1927)

born 5th February 1927 in Malá Zubovština in Soviet Volhynia 1933 famine in Ukraine Czech school in Malá Zubovština December 1944, enlisted in the Red Army 1851st anti-air artillery regiment reached Berlin served 5 years as a sapper in Ural 1951, ... arrows 

Eva Vítová (1930) video clip available

Born on September 7, 1930 Graduated from a business school in Plzeň Active in the Scout (Sokol) Secretary to the director of the Research and Test Institute of the Škoda works in Plzeň (personal assistant) Participated in pro-US demonstrations in May 1948 ... arrows 



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