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8. 5. 1945 - End of WWII

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6467)

List of witnesses

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Jaroslav Vomočil (1927 - 2015) video clip available

born 28 July 1927 in the village of Desná near Litomyšl 1944, assigned to work at an ammunition plant in Polička 22 September 1944, arrested interned in the Gestapo prison in Pardubice and the Small Fortress in Terezín interned in the concentration camps ... arrows 

Ing. Jaroslav Vondra (1933)

born in his father’s second marriage his mother’s family was involved in the resistance movement death of his father in 1944 learnt the clockmaker’s trade, study at the secondary technical school study at ČVUT pressed to leave the church employed in the ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Mikuláš Vondráček (1923) video clip available

born 15 June 1923 in Sofievka, Volhynia (under Polish administration) 1943, escaped an assignment of forced labour in Germany assigned to dig trenches near Dubno to stop the Red Army 15 March 1944, joined the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps served as a signaller ... arrows 

Hana Vondráčková (1939)

born April 3, 1939 in Praha-Braník her father helped in the Prague Uprising as a baker after the war attended an elementary school, then a municipal school began working as a draftswoman in Chirana married in 1962 1966 her daughter was born 1968 began ... arrows 

Václav Vorlíček (1930)

Born on March 6, 1930, in Prague Was a Boy Scout before and post WWII During the war witnessed the air raid on Prague on February 14, 1845, and the Prague Uprising in 1945 In October 1945 his mother died of throat cancer In 1947, as a boy scout, he took part ... arrows 

Vasilia Vorobčuková (1922)

born May 7, 1922 in the village Yasinia in Carpathian Ruthenia in the then Czechoslovakia 1940 – she and her husband illegally crossed the border to the Soviet Union arrested, imprisoned in Vorokhta, Poltava and Kharkov sentenced to three years end of ... arrows 

Dr. Ctibor Vořech (1921)

Born in 1921 in Slovakia, both of his parents were artists Beginnings of his scouting in the 1930s Was involved in resistance activities, arrested in 1942 in a labor camp in Opava 1944 – served in an intelligence brigade, special operations platoon ... arrows 

Jaroslava Vosátková (1931)

born May 17, 1931 experienced the bombing of the Škoda factories in Pilsen by the British air force in 1943 in 1944–1945 experienced the bombing of Brno by American and Soviet airplanes April 23, 1945 – arrival of the Red Army to Blažovice returned to Pilsen ... arrows 

Miroslav Vošahlík (1943)

born 20 March 1943 in Prague 1948-1955, Na Zelené lišce Primary School, Prague 4 (then Prague 14) 1951-1955, member of Young Tourist CSR, secret Scout oath October 1956, trial with his father; convicted of unwarranted enrichment; Miroslav was expelled from ... arrows 

Karel Vošalík (1932)

born 8 June 1932 in Dolní Mokropsy near Prague descendant of the farmer family of Vošalík, owners of the so-called Famelie Estate witness of local events during WW2 1950, the family farm was confiscated, but the family was allowed to live there as the son of ... arrows 



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