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Jiří Rak (1924)

We fooled around, but in the things that mattered, we kept together

Jiří Rak was born on 5 August 1924 in Prague as the eldest of the six children of Josef and Terezie Rak. His father was a Czechoslovak legionary and an artist. The witness spent his early childhood in Radotín; shortly after the birth of his third younger sibling, the family moved to Břevnov. There he completed primary school. During Sunday Mass at St Margaret's Church, he made the acquaintance of Jiří Svoboda and Karel Morávek, who initiated him into Christian Scouting in the Catholic altar servers' society Legio Angelica (LA). He became and advisor, and shortly before the war he became active in the Jeleni (Deer) Troop. He met with his friends from the troop even after LA was banned in autumn 1940. During World War II he learnt to be a decorator, he took to amateur theatre. In 1944 he was allocated to forced labour at the Ruzyně airport, where he repaired German planes. The end of the war found him in the village of Brázdim near Prague, the home of a girl he was dating at the time. Af ...arrows 

Father Klement

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Pavel Tunák (1925) video clip available

born October 15, 1925 in Turzovka guarded the Mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka on April 19, 1945 forcibly taken by Soviet counter-intelligence to the Soviet Union assembly camp ... arrows 

Magda Marie Horňanová (1920)

born in 1920 in Žilina in a Jewish family from 1935 studied piano at the music academy in Prague took part in the demonstration on October 28, 1939 from 1940 continued ... arrows 

Rudolf Kučera (1947)

born 1947 in Prague 1965-1970, studies of philosophy and history at FA CU in Prague 1968, member of the Academic Council of Students, considered emigrating worked at the ... arrows 

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Re: Pražské povstání, "Revoluční gardy", "Mimořádně činné služba" u 28. pěšího pluku, III. praporu
Co to má znamenat? Dlouhý sloupec komerčních odkazů na sportovní obuv a p. A to si říkáte politolog. Prosím o vysvětlení a odstranění té komerční reklamy.Zdraví Jan Mrkos ... arrows  



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